See, Take, Need. View of Wall Installation See, Take, Need...View of Wall Installation.
See, Take, Need. Detail of Cement Tiles See, Take, Need. Detail of Cement Tiles

See, Take, Need

Interactive Installation, Drawing, Print

Large scale Print/Drawing playing with material and process. Fragmented Imagery printed and drawn on Concrete Tiles. Concrete is simultaneously fragile, and in large quantity, a symbol of weight and strength. Imagery pertains to that simultaneity.

Each tile has a replica on mylar behind it, that, despite an invitation to take a tile, doesn't allow the perceiver to fully suppress or the original meaning which in its fragmented state is itself a suppression

Key Ideas

Interactive Imagery, Fragmented Imagery, Material, Drawing, Print


Concrete, Image Fragments, Wire, Mylar

Table: 92" H x 240" L


February, 2003