Stain and Details Stain - Full representation of Human Skeleton. View of Bones on floor and Detail of Panel
Subway and Details Subway and Detail
Fossil Fossil - View of Four Panels

Bone Series

Multi-Media DRAWING, Sound

Bone Series. Aiming for an interactive, multi-layered approach to the experience of the human form. Each involved Visual and Audio explorations

Stain: Full Skeleton

Subway: Ice Man Fossil - Sounds explored movement of towards and away

Fossil: Representations of Fossilized Human remains. Haptic Explorations. Subterranean Sounds

Key Ideas

Multi-Media Painting, Drawing, Material Explorations, Haptic/Sound Explorations


Stain: Wall Patch, Paint, Polyurethane on Panel. Various Sounds. 11 Panels - Each Panel 20" W x 36" L.

Subway: Wall Patch, Paint, Paper, Polyurethane on Panel. Subway Sounds coming and going. 48" W x 62" L.

Fossil: Wall Patch, Dirt, Paint, Polyurethane on Panel. Subterranean Sounds. 4 Panels - each Panel 48" W x 92" L.


February, 2002-2003