Curtis Bracher Exhibitions

Activities and Exhibits.


Solo Activities and Exhibits.


San Diego International Airport;  San Diego, CA.  "Good News"   Installation, Image Projections (video), Drawing. 06/11 Direct Link to Airport Media Page

Kimdo Gallery;  Sacramento, CA.  "Banquet Series Prequel"   Painting, Drawing. 2/11


Arts Imperative;  San Diego, CA.  "How To Win A War"   Glass Sculpture, Image Projections (video), Drawing. 6/09

Edge Gallery;  Denver, CO.  "Move".   Sculpture, Interactive Animations, Drawing. 2/06


Edge Gallery;  Denver, CO.   "Through"   Sculpture, Image Projections (video), Painting, Drawing. 7/05

AC Project Room;  NY, NY,   “Image Violence”   Sculpture, Installation, Video, Drawing. 2/03

Steuben East, Pratt Institute;  Brooklyn,NY,   “See Take Need”   MFA thesis show. 4/02


Pratt Institute;  Brooklyn,NY,    “Feed”   Activity/Performance. 4/01

Open Space; NY, NY,   “Flag”   Performance. 12/00

Open Space; NY, NY,    "Dictionary".    Performance. 10/00

The Green Room Gallery. San Diego,CA,   "Choice/Compel"   Paintings and Constructions. 6/98


The Green Room Gallery;  San Diego, CA,   "Unseen Structures"   Paintings and Constructions. 10/97

Caja Gallery;  San Diego,CA,  "Persuasions"   Paintings and Constructions, show included film work. 8/97

ArtWalk ‘96; San Diego, CA,   “Art De-mystified”  Lecture and Display. 4/96

Mythic Gallery;  Chula Vista, CA,   “Fright and Might”   Installations. 10/94

Flor y Canto Gallery;  San Diego, CA,  “Constructed meanings"   Paintings. 4/94

Grounds Gallery; Northridge, CA,  “Rhetoric”   Paintings. 4/88


Group Activities and Exhibits.


San Diego Community College San Diego, CA. "Faculty Show". Charcoal Portraits 9/21


Ship in the Woods San Diego, CA. "Felicita". Wire Drawing, Sound. 6/16


Canvas Gallery; San Diego, CA. "Trade Show". Wire Mesh Drawing. 10/14

Mesa College Gallery; San Diego Mesa College, CA. "Lure". Interactive Work, Sound, Projections, Drawing. 2/14


Space 4 Art Gallery; San Diego, CA. "Anti-Freeze". Paintings/Drawings. 12/11


Cuyamaca College; San Diego, CA. "Rain". Light Installation, Sound. 10/11

Southwestern College; San Diego, CA. "Crawl". Mixed-Media Drawing. 09/11

Space 4 Art Gallery; San Diego, CA. "Start Here". Paintings/Drawings. 07/10


RFD Gallery; Swansboro, GA. "Unfamiliar Ground". Interactive Flash Animation. 05/08

Great Lakes Drawing Biennial; Eastern Michigan University. Detroit, MI. Drawings. 03/08

Galex 42; Galesburg, IL. "42nd National Juried". Video Sculpture. 03/08

Edge Gallery; Denver, CO. "EdgeExtremist". Image Projections (video), Drawing. 12/05


AC Project Room; NY, NY, "New Artists". Sculpture, Drawings. 11/02

Atelier SockMonkey; Brooklyn, NY, “You Will Submit, Small Show”. Drawing. 6/01

Pratt Artist’s League; Brooklyn, NY, “Group Show”. Installation. 1/01

Pratt Artist’s League; Brooklyn, NY, “So You Thought You Were Original”. Paintings. 1/00

Pratt Artist’s League; Brooklyn, NY, “Avante Guard”. Paintings. 1/99


Flor y Canto Gallery;San Diego, CA, “Group Show”. Prints. 5/98

G St. Gallery;San Diego, CA, “Group Decay”. Paintings and Constructions. 5/97

G St. Gallery;San Diego, CA, “Personal Ads”. Paintings and Constructions. 9/95